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"To help God's Children make Good Choices -- for Life!"



 To provide opportunities for kids of all ages to reach their God-given potential through post-secondary scholarships, age-appropriate mentoring and Biblically-based counseling.

Scholarship Recipients receive applications through the Offices of the Voc-Tech and High School Counselors.

The Mentor Project is conducted on the Middle School Campuses during the school day and coordinated through the Offices of the Middle School Counselors.  Mentors are primarily recommended through the Dean of Students at the Community College.

Biblical-based Counseling will be made available for those seeking assistance, after school and the work day by the Lay Counseling Staff.

The after-school program runs concurrent with the local school district calendar.  To register your student, simply email us at shaesplace57@yahoo.com for details and the registration form.  We look forward to the opportunity to help your child with homework and social challenges while strengthening their faith in God.




Keren J. Morrell-Kiernan, Chairman of the Board

Pamela S. Carlisle, Vice Chairman/Treasurer

Lisa S. McCusker, Secretary

Donna Trigg

Angelina Morrell

Susan Keenum